About Us

Intagleo Systems is a UK based company that has a sound background and a long standing experience of more than 7 years in software development services. We offer risk free outsourcing, advanced IT expertise, develop innovative mobile applications and deliver customized software developments services for a global clientele. Our strength lies in the perfect combination of business domain knowledge, mature processes and proven project management skills complimented by technical excellence. Our impressive history has enabled us to stretch our base in number of countries. We deploy the best combination of technologies and tools according to the project requirements.

Our mission:
To offer quality, reliable yet affordable customized outsourcing solutions across the globe.

Our Vision:
To continue to grow and expand our horizons. Our dedicated approach and proven result-oriented management style has earned us a respectable position in the industry. We want to maintain the legacy of excellence and lead in the outsourcing world.

Our team:
We have a team of dedicated, skilled professionals who have strong technical backgrounds. The team members are well qualified having technical degrees in computer science or related field relevant to their job qualification. The team has a wide range of experience having dealt with diverse projects using different computer languages and operating systems. Our multi skilled staff has delivered outstanding results by effectively meeting all challenges and deadlines. With years of experience and technical excellence we have tackled small to huge developments. Our proven methodologies and an impressive track record is what boost our confidence.

Other Products:

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